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SOLD in 3 weeks!... After 5 years For Sale by Owner

Laura Reynolds

Faith. Family. Fun. Quick Bio: Laura grew up in Ft. Worth, TX in a working class family, where family was top priority...

Faith. Family. Fun. Quick Bio: Laura grew up in Ft. Worth, TX in a working class family, where family was top priority...

Jan 29 3 minutes read

Recently I had the opportunity to help my wonderful clients purchase a piece of land.  It was a fairly typical deal, that seemed to start with a for sale listing and a sign at the property, but as I sat in their kitchen and listened to the back story it seemed more like something akin to the The Odyssey. Yes, you know that epic greek poem in which it takes Odysseus ten years to journey home... well this sale already had 5 years of unsuccessful offers when I stepped in to help my buyers.

Each year for 5 years my buyers had made offers to the sellers and every year negotiations staled, people didn't get back to each other,  both sides got offended and then regretted turning down previous offers. Finally, after moving out of state, the sellers listed the property with a Realtor and thats when my clients asked me to step in and help them get it.

My job is really much, much more than just opening the doors or sticking a for sale sign in the yard. What this situation needed was some expert negotiating and Realtors who knew how best to represent their clients interests in the transaction.

All in all, this sale closed 3 weeks later

So whenever someone asks me why they should hire a Realtor and not sell it themselves.... I think of all the money in property taxes, mortgage payments and maintenance the seller spent in those 5 years waiting for it to sell, and all the lost profits the buyer could have made if they could have purchased it 5 years ago.

My value to you as a client, whether you are a buyer or seller, is that I will help you get the best deal for your specific situation and with your real estate goals in mind. If you are thinking of selling or want to buy, Call Me and lets chat about what you really need and how I will help you get it. 

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